When I came to Los Angeles, it was the first time that I ever felt like I belong somewhere.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hello, Los Angeles!

I flew in from New York (where it was wicked cold) and felt the warm sun on my face for the first time in a long time. My name is Kery Bruzzo and like everyone who comes to the City of Angels, I have a dream — and mine is to be the best darn pest control professional in the city.

Kery Bruzzo, Vice President of Green Earth Pest ControlI’m the vice president of Green Earth Pest Control, a business founded in New York by President Josh Alpert in 2008. We quickly became the top pest control company in the city and let me tell you something: That is no small feat.

Our approach to pest control has been the same for the past 7 years — environmentally sensitive, informed and thorough pest control. We’ve left historical “spray-and-pray” pest control where it belongs — in the pest control history books. We blazed new trails in New York and have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. However, Josh never rests on his laurels. His goal — and my own — is to bring the entire country the best pest control services possible and we won’t rest until that happens.

So there I am, sitting in my office figuring out how to expand the business even more in NYC and Josh walks into my office and says: “You’re going to open a branch of Green Earth Pest Control in Los Angeles.”

I looked out the window and watched the snow fly. I thought about all the times I walked to my car as the wind froze me to my core. I began thinking about the past two winters and the epic blizzards I survived not just in New York, but the dozens I experienced growing up in Boston.

So I turned to Josh and said: “Count me in 100%!” So here I am, with blue skies and sunshine, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and landscapes of The Valley. Learning and loving all corners of Los Angeles from Burbank, to Hollywood, to Encino, to Calabasas, Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and my personal favorite – Santa Monica. I’m here now, ready to take over the town and make it my home at the same time. My commitment is to protect beautiful California, its people and its properties from unwanted pests.

Our approach is simple — it’s what we call the “6 Es”:

1. Engage our customers in the pest control process.
2. Educate them about the pest(s) they are battling.
3. Explain what our plan of attack is to them.
4. Eliminate the pest problem.
5. Empower our customers to keep the problem from returning.
6. Emphasize that the Green Earth Pest Control team is always there to answer any questions they might have after their service.

What has always set Green Earth apart is its customer service. Josh and I have both worked at other pest management firms (whose names you’d recognize if I chose to name-drop — but I won’t) and were appalled by the overall lack of customer care. It’s like the companies didn’t want to build long-term relationships with their client.

Josh’s commitment to excellent customer service — as exemplified by the “6 Es” — is refreshing in an industry that doesn’t always understand what clients want from their pest control company. It’s the reason I joined him in New York and it’s the reason I’m here now to run our L.A. branch (well, that and the weather).

We’re not only interested in one-time services. When we come to your home, office or other property, our sole goal is to solve your problem. We want to turn you into a lifetime customer by doing what we say we’re going to do and taking care of you after the service to ensure your satisfaction.

The entire L.A.-based staff of Green Earth Pest Control is looking forward to working with you to protect you from unwanted pests. Let us take care of your most difficult pest problems — we thrive on the challenge.