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Oh my god! I had a tremendous MOM problem (Millions of Moths). Thank god for the Green Earth service. They are professional, emotionally supportive, and the best part – got rid of MOM. I called Green Earth early on a Tuesday morning and within 2 hours my new friend Peter arrived. Prior to contacting Green Earth, my building’s exterminator (who will go unnamed) had visited 5 times and could not determine the cause of my problem. After loosing 2/3 of my furniture, clothing, and my sanity I found Green Earth. When Peter arrived I left for the few hours of the treatment and now, even 3 weeks later, I am MOM free. Do not hesitate to call this amazing exterminator company.
yelpLogo-75-Rhonda E.

I was extremely pleased and impressed with this company’s knowledge, professionalism and even empathy during a time when I had potential pest concerns. Kery was particularly helpful in talking to me about my concerns. Luckily, I did not need to have any services performed but will definitely use Green Earth should I have issues in the future. The fact that Kery did not push his service upon is a great testament to the honesty and integrity of this company. I am thankful for the peace of mind that Green Earth was able to provide me. Highly recommend.
angies-list-55– Lee L.

This company is UNBELIEVABLE. They are so professional, kind and trustworthy. They are never rushed and answer all your questions, even if you ask the same question more than once. They make you feel super comfortable and seem to always do the right thing. There was one instance I couldn’t use them (because the building I was in at the time worked for the Union) and they still walked me through all the steps they would take, even though they knew they weren’t getting the business. I highly recommend them. Kerry deserves a special shout out! He is a life saver.
yelpLogo-75– Arielle F.

I have had a fantastic experience. They were so good, that I recommended them to my board. I suggested them to use them for the whole building. They were really professional, they were great.
angies-list-55– Pam W.

Excellent service and personale! Thanks to Larry I’ll sleep better tonight! Staff were easy to speak to on the phone and happy to help. Set me at ease to see how thorough and diligent they are. Would definitely recommend to all my city dwellers!
yelpLogo-75– Gabriela G.

We have Green Earth treat out house monthly for rats and other pests. They are very courteous, prompt, and professional. They do a great job at getting rid of unwanted vermin. They are responsive and anticipate our needs. I highly recommend them!
angies-list-55– Elaine T.

Glad I called Green Earth. I was concerned that I may have had bed bugs, but not having seen any evidence I decided to get an expert’s opinion. Green Earth sent a dog to inspect our apartment, as well as our tenant’s. Luckily nothing was found and we were reassured. They are a very responsive company and well prepared. We received several emails in advance of the visit advising us how to prepare for the dogs visit and they were very thorough. I will definitely use them again in the future.
angies-list-55– Steven D.

I have used Green Earth for almost two years. They did an intensive analysis of my home and yard, and tailored a monthly pest control program to my needs. Green Earth has always been prompt and responsive, will tailor their service as needs change. They just completed their monthly inspection.
angies-list-55– Judith O.

By far the best customer service I ever experienced in all my time here in NYC. I sent an email late at night asking about an issue I was having in apartment. I received a call first thing today and was given the most helpful solutions possible. Not only was his interest ME and MY concerns, but he spent time explaining every single aspect of the problem to me. I cannot express how grateful I am and if there was an option to give a better rating that 5 stars I would!! THANK YOU
yelpLogo-75– Lauren M.

They are timely professional, considerate, and do a similar or better job than other companies we have hired in the past.
angies-list-55– Daphne A.

I’m happy to say we have had no more issues!! Thank you for Excellent service:-). I recommend this company a thousand times to anyone in need of services.
yelpLogo-75– Danielle P.

This company is wonderful. They came on time and took care of everything that was discussed. I would use them again.
angies-list-55– Karen M.

House with three floors was treated using heat to remove bedbugs, also treated attached house as well as mine chemically to remove bedbugs. | | |Our bedbug infestation was an ordeal that lasted several months due to us having to deal with neighbors who used a substandard exterminator to remove their problem when it first occured ( we were inspected at the time that they first realized they had an infestation and came up clean but since the problem wasn’t eradicated the bedbugs made their way next door to us. The only way to eradicate it was to treat both houses which our neighbors were not willing to do, so we had to pay for their canine inspection and chemical treatment). Kery at Green Earth is seriously part therapist and helped us navigate this delicate,frustrating expereince to a positive conclusion. | |When I first realized we have a problem I went to Angies’s List for a recommendation since I knew an exterminator that is highly recommended and professional was the only way to go with bedbugs since it needs to be dealt with carefully and thoroughly or the treatment will not work. Every person on the Green Earth staff that I dealt with was courteous, prompt, thorough and honest. Cannot recommend them enough! A+
angies-list-55– Esther P.