Interview With Josh Alpert

Interview With Josh Alpert     We sat down recently with Josh Alpert,  founder of Green Earth Pest Control’s (GEPC) to find out why he founded Green Earth and what it’s like running one of the most progressive pest management companies in the industry. GEPC: Tell us how you got started in the pest management industry? Josh Alpert (JA): I got into the pest management industry in March 1999, so it’s been about 17 years now. I was involved in corporate retail management, where I enjoyed it very much. But I lost my job. I was young and, needless to

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Interview With Kery Bruzzo

Interview With Kery Bruzzo     We sat down recently with Kery Bruzzo,  vice president of Green Earth Pest Control (GEPC) to discuss one of the most feared pest-control challenges today: bed bugs. GEPC: When was the first time you realized bed bugs were a real thing and not just a nursery rhyme? Kery Bruzzo (KB): For me, it was back when I was a technician in 2002. I was working the overnight shift and was doing mostly restaurants back then. My supervisor called me late at night, and he was frantic. He needed me to drop what I was

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Interview With William Mosley

Interview With William Mosley     We sat down recently with Will Mosley, general manager of Green Earth Pest Control’s (GEPC) New York office to find out what drew him to Green Earth and what it’s like running an office in one of the most competitive pest management markets in the country. GEPC: You spent eight years in the U.S. Army before joining Green Earth Pest Control. What attracted you to the pest management industry? Will Mosley (WM): Well, that’s actually a funny story. Truthfully, pest management, pest control, exterminator — those words never crossed my mind at all. Never

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