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About Us
Green Earth Pest Control has been ensuring customer satisfaction since 1999. We proudly serve New York City, Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas.

Our Mission
Our Mission is simple, to provide our clients with the highest quality of pest control. We pride ourselves on practicing the most modern techniques with top of the line products.

Our Philosophy
Green Earth believes that the impact we all have on the environment should not be taken lightly. At Green Earth, we take this seriously and strive to deliver the lowest impact service for every pest encounter.

Our Services
Green Earth provides a truly hassle-free experience. Our services include traditional, green, organic, and also pesticide free solutions. With our thoughtful approach, we truly have something for everyone.

Our Commitment
Our commitment is to you, the customer. We ensure that our customers will receive the highest level of service, far above industry standards. Let us deliver your next memorable experience.

Are you a celebrity or high profile client with privacy concerns?

Green Earth Pest Control categorically protects the privacy and anonymity of all our clients, including but not limited to celebrities, actors, actresses, athletes, politicians, doctors, attorneys, and many other professions of importance who greatly value their privacy.