$5 billion. Let's emphasize that figure: $5 billion!

Is that the price tag for a contract with your favorite New York sports star?

Nope. This number represents the annual dollar amount of damage caused by termites to homes in the United States. If this number surprises you, that’s a good thing. It indicates that you understand the crucial importance of addressing a termite infestation at the very first sign.


Termites have been around for nearly 120 million years, playing a crucial role in the wild. Without them, fallen trees and other plant matter would clutter the environment. In fact, thanks to termites, there’s ample space to build homes, apartment complexes, and all the essential structures that support human life.

Yet, as in any classic 1950s horror movie, there comes a point where the tiny creature transforms into a menacing beast bent on wreaking havoc. Okay, termites aren’t plotting our destruction, but they’re certainly determined to destroy our structures.

These opportunistic critters often invade homes during early spring, when the winged scouts (aptly named swarmers — a tad eerie, isn’t it?) search for new spots to establish colonies. To them, your home appears as an irresistible, endless buffet. It’s like setting up your residence in the parking lot of your favorite restaurant.

Which termite species holds dominance in New York?

Subterranean termites (found in New York): These termites thrive in all states except Alaska due to their ability to endure a wider temperature range. Their colonies can comprise thousands of workers, and they favor soft springwood. The damage they inflict often leaves a honeycomb pattern, with the wood grain being the only remnant.

Our well-trained technicians are well-versed in the latest termite knowledge, which equips them to design a tailored plan to safeguard your home, office, or apartment building from these incredibly destructive insects—saving you from potential heavy expenses down the line.