Why do I need pest control?

As true nature enthusiasts, we at Green Earth Pest Control hold a deep appreciation for all animals and insects. We firmly believe that they should thrive in their natural habitats, and we’re here to ensure they stay outside the boundaries of your home. When rodents, insects, or other wildlife venture indoors, they transform from innocent creatures into unwanted pests.

If you find yourself dealing with mice, rats, cockroaches, or termites taking up residence in your home, it’s more than just a minor inconvenience. Mice can carry the hantavirus or salmonella. Rats, as you might already know, can carry bubonic plague, but did you realize they also carry leptospirosis, which can lead to liver and kidney issues? Cockroach droppings can worsen asthma symptoms and even transmit e-coli. And when it comes to termites, they’re responsible for causing an astounding average of $5 billion in property damage each year.

So there is a lot to worry about when pests invade your home. Indeed, there’s much to be concerned about when pests invade your living space. Trust the capable hands of professionals like the Green Earth Pest Control team to help you tackle these challenges and bid farewell to these unwanted guests.

Green Earth Pest Control Services can help you save time, money, improve your health, and your life.

Our expertise truly sets us apart from the competition. Our dedicated technicians are not only highly skilled pest experts but also well-versed in the latest technologies for pest management. Rest assured, the days of old-fashioned exterminators simply spraying chemicals and hoping for the best are behind us.

We’re not just your standard pest control professionals; we’re biologists, scientists, and problem solvers. We bring all of these skills to the table, taking the time to pinpoint the source of your pest issues and implementing strategies to prevent them from spreading. Most importantly, we’re committed to ensuring that once we eliminate these bothersome pests, they won’t come back to haunt you.

If mice or rats are causing trouble, we’ll diligently search for the entry points they’re using to infiltrate your home. When dealing with cockroaches, we’ll utilize all available tools to rid your space of these unwelcome visitors, and we’ll even provide you with advice to minimize future occurrences and achieve long-term success. And if termites are the concern, count on us to locate their colonies and take effective measures not only to rid your home of them but also to eliminate their source.

We proudly proclaim that we only resort to pesticide application when absolutely necessary to safeguard the health of your loved ones, pets, dwelling, and of course, you. We’re armed with a variety of methods to ensure your home or business becomes and remains pest-free. You have our unwavering commitment to this endeavor.