Questions From the Front Line

The most important positions in the pest control industry are those who deal directly with the customers, the field technician aka the exterminator and the office staff. These are the guys and gals who represent the pest control companies and most importantly deal with the customers first hand.

We recently interviewed several Green Earth employees to find out the most commonly asked questions they are asked by the customers.

Are the products you’re applying harmful to my pets?

kittyAnswer: No pesticide is safe. Green Earth Pest Control cautiously applies all products in a caring and responsible manner. Our services are performed completely out of the reach of children and pets. This precaution makes it highly unlikely that your pets will ever have access to the products and become harmed. Hypothetically, in the event that your pet had access to the product, it would likely be such a small amount that it would not make your pet sick.

Are your products safe for children to be around?

Answer: Same as above.

If my child accidently gets caught in a mouse glue trap how do I safely remove it?

glue_traps_smallAnswer: Very simple. First of all it’s only glue, however dish soap or cooking oil and warm water will help remove the glue from ones skin.

The cockroach gel bait that you apply in my kitchen, will it get on my dishes and utensils?

gel_baitAnswer: No. The gel bait is carefully injected with a needle, directly and deeply into cracks and crevices. The bait consistency is similar to toothpaste, it sticks wherever it is applied and is non-volatile. Additionally gel baits do not become airborne and will not accidently wind up on your dishes or utensils.

Do you have a special rodent poison that makes the mice, rats and other rodents get thirsty, run outside for water and die without smelling?

Wood-MouseAnswer: This is one of the biggest myths in pest control. There is no such thing, but it surely sounds awesome. Rodenticide (rat poison) is a blood thinner, once in the rodents blood stream, the rodent will expire within 4-5 days. With some luck it will hopefully perish out in the open. If you’re unlucky then it may die inside of a wall and at that point you may or may not deal with an odor. To eliminate the odor you can remove the mouse, if you can find it or you can use odor neutralization products, which may or may not work.

Are your pesticide products non-toxic?

Answer: No. Whether organic or synthetic, we rely on the toxicity of the pesticide to kill the insect or rodent. Some organic products are labeled as safe and most synthetic products are minimally toxic, maybe as toxic as cleaning products or diet soda. Yes! We said diet soda! Some farmers use diet soda to keep pests away from their crops and caffeine is stronger than many commonly used professional pesticides.

My apartment is so clean, why do I have cockroaches or bed bugs?

cleaning_homeAnswer: When you live in an apartment building your neighbors problems are your problems. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical issues, cockroaches, rodents or even bugs! Bed bugs don’t care about your level of sanitation, your income or your race, all they want and need is your blood! Cockroaches are commonly associated with poor sanitation, but that is not true in most cases, however if your neighbor is infested then you’ll likely see a cockroaches here and there. This is why pest control is important, it prevents major infestations.

I know I called you for mice, but can you service my home for ants, too?

Answer: We are a full service pest control company. We provide service for every single insect, including, but not limited to cockroaches, Waterbugs, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, termites, moths, etc. We can provide traditional, green, organic and 100% non-toxic solutions aka eco-friendly.

I have a house in Connecticut, can Green Earth service it?

Answer: At this time our NYC operation primarily services Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island and Hudson County NJ. Our Los Angeles CA branch services all of Los Angeles, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and Santa Barbara County.

Does your service take care of mother-in-laws?

Answer: MIL’s are not covered under our general service agreement, but we are currently running a half off special, only $5000 if you sign up before the end of the year. Obviously this is a joke, but it’s a common question and we love to have fun with the answer.