New York City Pest Control Team Sporting a New Look

Just a couple of weeks ago, Green Earth Pest Control of New York City revealed its latest, in-house, vehicle design onto the mean and green streets of Manhattan. Unlike the previous, “clean” vehicle design, which was just our company name, address, phone number and website on an all white Ford Transit Connect van, this new vehicle design directly ties in with the very powerful, yet discreet, Green Earth brand.

The new design prominently displays the entire Green Earth logo, including our lovely globe, bullet points about our service and a beautiful life-size image on the back doors of one of our technician’s.

This new design is so powerful that the day it was released onto the streets of NYC, several clients and friends of Green Earth messaged our office to let us know they saw it, even though we never announced the new design. That in itself is proof how powerful the Green Earth brand is and how important brand recognition really is.

“We are very proud of our new in-house vehicle design, it looks absolutely amazing” – Josh Alpert, President

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